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January 2015 Stocks and Commodities Traders Tips

Whiter is Brighter

AIQ Version:

Original article by John Ehlers, PhD
AIQ Code by Richard Denning

[No text accompanies the AIQ code files this month. See EDS file below for code.]

[No captions this month.]

EDS Code:
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Traders Studio Version :

Original article by John Ehlers, PhD
Traders Studio Code by Richard Denning

The following code files are contained in the download from the websites:

  • Function EHLERS_UNIVERSAL_OSC: returns the oscillator values
  • Indicator plot EHLERS_UNIVERSAL_OSC_IND: plots the universal oscillator

In Figure 1, I show a chart of the full sized S&P 500 futures contract (data from Pinnacle Data Corp) with the universal oscillator.

Figure 1 – S&P 500 futures with plot of universal oscillator.

Traders Studio Code:
Ehlers Univ
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