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A Note About AIQ's Built-In Versus Custom Indicators

The AIQ built-in indicators are all the indicators that can be referenced by using square brackets [ ] in Expert Design Studio (EDS). Many of these are indicators with changeable parameters. The problem with AIQ's approach in EDS to these built-in indicators is that the parameters have to be set in the chart module. This means that you can not have two copies of the same indicator with different parameter values in the same EDS file if you use the built-in ones. Also if you use the built-in indicators, you can not use the same indicator in two different EDS scans with different parameters unless you go to the charts and change the parameter. If you build multiple systems that use different parameters for the same indicator, it becomes very difficult to do daily runs of the systems. If you use the built-in indicators in your EDS trading system and change the parameters in the charts inadvertently, your system will no longer give the same results.

The solution is to code all of your indicators into each EDS file that you plan to use. For this purpose, I have coded many of the commonly used indicators so they can be cut and pasted into your trading systems. Additionally, I have coded many of the technical indicators and systems that are not part of AIQs built-in indicators. I have provided the EDS files for both AIQ's Built-In Indicators and my own Custom Indicators.

Custom AIQ Indicators, Coded in EDS:

These are some of the custom indicators Rich has coded over the years. We have been digging through our archives to find other custom trading indicators and we will post them here when we find them. If you would like us to code one of your ideas into an indicator in AIQ or Tradestation, please see our services pages for more information on consulting and custom trading system development.

There are also far more EDS files and indicators located in the Traders Tips section, which consists of EDS code and a backtest of the main article's trading concept in each month's edition of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities (TASC) magazine.

To save any of the following EDS indicators, RIGHT click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As." Left-clicking normally will not work with most internet browsers.

AIQ Relative Strength
AIQ Relative Strength.EDS

Weak Stocks
Weak Stocks.EDS

Z-Score Breadth Indicator

Donchian Channels
Donchian Channels.EDS

Keltner Bands
Keltner Bands.EDS

Stochastic RSI
Stochastic RSI.EDS

Williams Percent R
Screen capture comparing Williams Percent R to Stochastic: WpctR v Stoch.gif

Z-Score Scan (see explanation below)
Z-Score Scan.EDS

Value When (see question below)

List Maker (see question below)

Z-Score Scan Explanation:

Finds the zones of standard deviation (stdev) from basis (the simple moving average of the Bollinger band formula):
1) greater than basis and less than 1 stdev
2) greater than 1 stdev and less than 2 stdev
3) greater than 3 stdev.

4) less than basis and greater than minus 1 stdev
5) less than minus 1 stdev and greater than minus 2 stdev
6) less than minus 2 stdev and greater than minus 3 stdev
7) less than minus 3 stdev

Also finds cross up and downs of a 10 day moving average over the Bollinger band basis.


I hope you can help me withy this or point me the way. I don't know if you're familiar with MetaStock or AmiBroker but they have a function called ValueWhen(formula, Indicator, instance). It looks in the past for the "1st instance" the "formula" is true and returns the value of the "indicator" at that time. Is there a way to code this in EDS?

ie ValueWhen( Close crosses MovingAvg, H, 1);

I don't need to use the "instance" part of the function.

Answer: Yes this can be done and the proof is in the EDS file here:

Value When Code


Requesting a chart from an EDS file (after a scan) works fine with non-ETF tickers, but certain ETFs for some reason hang up the Chart module when I highlight an ETF ticker and click the Chart icon. Can anyone tell me how to exclude ETFs from the scan. They are in a sector called "FUNDS". Thanks for any help.


Answerer #1: It may hang because you don’t have historical data for that ticker. Also, I am not interested in an ETF ticker with little or no volume. There are quite a few of those. I delete them because they show up on the download with no volume. That may be your situation also.

Rich: I don't think that the ETF is causing the problem since an ETF is just like any stock to the AIQ program. Your problem might be due to the fact that some of your stocks have too early of a start date. Try running (from datamanager) the "utilities","check ticker data" then click on the "fix start date" and click off all the rest. Run on the entire database-it may take a while. Then re try your charting. If that doesn't fix it, then you might have a Swiss cheese type situation aka a recycled ticker where there are two different data streams with a big set of zero data in between.

If my suggestion below doesn't fix the problem, you can:
1) Use one of the list of tickers that do not include ETFs (RUS1000, RUS2000, RUS3000, SP500, SP100) to run the scan-they can be downloaded from AIQ's web site under "data" then "AIQ list files"... or
2) create a list of tickers that include all the stocks you want to trade and exclude all those you don't want to see like the ETFs. Unless all the ETFs are in a specific group or sector, it will be hard to exclude them with a filter since they are just like any other stock.

You can use the ListMaker.EDS file that I created for this purpose (attached) and also the code could be used in trading systems as a "playing field" type of filter that screens for price, volume, volatility, group/sector inclusion or exclusion. Please change the parameters to suit your needs. I am not suggesting that you use the parameters shown as they are just there for illustration. I will also add this to my web site in a few days so that the EDS file can be downloaded at:















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