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A Note About AIQ's Built-In Versus Custom Indicators

The AIQ built-in indicators are all the indicators that can be referenced by using square brackets [ ] in Expert Design Studio (EDS). Many of these are indicators with changeable parameters. The problem with AIQ's approach in EDS to these built-in indicators is that the parameters have to be set in the chart module. This means that you can not have two copies of the same indicator with different parameter values in the same EDS file if you use the built-in ones. Also if you use the built-in indicators, you can not use the same indicator in two different EDS scans with different parameters unless you go to the charts and change the parameter. If you build multiple systems that use different parameters for the same indicator, it becomes very difficult to do daily runs of the systems. If you use the built-in indicators in your EDS trading system and change the parameters in the charts inadvertently, your system will no longer give the same results.

The solution is to code all of your indicators into each EDS file that you plan to use. For this purpose, I have coded many of the commonly used indicators so they can be cut and pasted into your trading systems. Additionally, I have coded many of the technical indicators and systems that are not part of AIQs built-in indicators. I have provided the EDS files for both AIQ's Built-In Indicators and my own Custom Indicators.

Built-In AIQ Indicators, Recoded in EDS:

To save any of the following EDS indicators, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As."

Advance Decline Oscillator (McClellan Oscillator)
AD Oscillator.EDS

Moving Averages, Volume Average, Rate Of Change

Welles Wilder Indicators (ATR, ADX, +DMI, -DMI, ADX rate, DirMov)
Wells Wilder Indicators.EDS

Generic EDS Barometer

Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands.EDS

Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Money Flow Relative Strength Index (MF RSI)

(Modified) On Balance Volume (OBV)
Modified OBV.EDS

On Balance Volume (OBV)
On Balance Volume.EDS

Phase Indicator

Relative Strength Index (RSI) Wilder
RSI Wilder.EDS

Relative Strength (between two tickers; e.g. NDX/SPX)
RS Index.EDS

Relative Strength MACD

Stochastics, Smoothed K ("%K") & Smoothed D ("%D")
Stochastics SK-SD.EDS

Traders Channel Index (TCI)

Volume Accumulation Percent (VA Pct)

Volatility Indicator
Volatility Indicator.EDS

















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